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Welcome to Tanzania Tourism Directory website. This website offers a comprehensive list of all updated tourism business providers and related information. Marathon Communication Company Limited is a fully registered company assigned to co-ordinate and organizes the Tanzania Tourism Directory.

Marathon Communication Company Limited is a company dealing with all aspects of advertisements, marketing, public relations, event management and printing. In the spirit of providing the information to the public, Marathon Communication Company Limited has embarked on an innovative initiative to aggressively advertise Tanzania Tourism within its boundaries and further beyond. The Tanzania Tourism Directory will introduce a new, all-in-one, easy-to-use tool that will cater for tourists, tour providers, government, investors and the general public interested in Tanzania’s Tourism industry.

The Directory
The Tanzania Tourism Directory will encompass and cover all information and advertisements about entire tourism sectors such as national parks, hotels, motels, restaurants, camping sites, swimming, diving and fishing sports beaches/clubs, care hire, safari operators and tour agents, airlines and charter planes, recreation and entertaining clubs, tourism colleges and institutions, tourism service providers and suppliers such as food and beverage providers, hotel equipment providers, telephone service providers and hotel decorators.

There are two approaches to access this well; detailed, informative, updated and complete encyclopedia of Tanzanians’ tourism scene.

A Website
The Tanzania Tourism Directory website provides, instant, easy, fast and simple access to the information of major players in the tourisms industry operating in Tanzania. It provides updated information on the tourisms industry. Be a guide for investors, a simple tool for tourists, to find information, contacts and details, Posts clear tips and rules for all tourist sites, provides a link to all tour operators that will subscribe. It is a one-stop shop for everyone who has any interest in tourism in Tanzania. The Internet; based tourism Directory will be quick to use, provides links to other websites, and easy to navigate for users. Inside Other Categories are lists of swimming, diving and fishing operators; sports and entertaining clubs; Telephone Service Providers etc…

An annual published directory
Tanzania Tourism Directory will have a yearly published directory that will be distributed to every tour operator, site, reserve, airport, embassy or consulate across the world. It will be an easy to use, indexed directory that can provide contact details for anyone who would like to find out information on tourism in Tanzania by providing complete contact details of operators, in the country.

The Tanzania Tourism Directory is another way to demonstrating our dynamic and state; of; the; art ideas, transformed into real, concrete and compact tool to accelerate trade in different sectors of Tanzania’s vibrant economy.

Marathon Communication Company limited has the necessary skills and expertise to sell your business and provide opportunities for new investments in the sectors. Marathon Communication invites Investors who would like to place an advertising spot in the directory. We have a complimentary package for those who will come first. If you are interested with the most new updated Tourism Directory, please email us to communication@marathon.co.tz


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